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7 + 7 Futon Specialists negotiate in addition to daybeds, futons, mattresses and sofa beds with a Japanese touch, also beds available in several models and designs, including beds with elevation. Several of our beds are inspired by classical Japanese minimalism and therefore have a clean and simple expression in style.

In addition, many of our beds are Danish, and it is emphasized that sustainability in production is top, so we use the FSC label that can be attached to all wood products. The FSC mark is your assurance that the tree used in bed frames and bed frames comes from a sustainable forest where no more wood is laid than the forest itself can reproduce. In this way, avoiding robbery on nature's resources and ensuring that nature and the environment are taken into account.

For beds from the Futon Specialist, you can choose from supplementary pillows, pillow top mattresses, pillows, bedside tables, etc.

We will be happy to help you with the necessary considerations when you need to put together your favorite bed.
Write your questions directly to us, click here. Otherwise call +45 - 33 11 99 77.