Futon 950 LATEX 8. 300 * 220 cm. Mattress

The mattress is built on an old Japanese principle. The mattress contains cotton layers and 1 x 8 cm natural latex. The cotton layers have the property that they carry moisture away from the body and regulate the body temperature depending on the ambient room temperature. Core of highly elastic latex, made with large holes in it so that the body can breathe in it and the moisture can be passed through. The outer fabric is 100% cotton in off-white textile.

A luxury mattress with a long life.

This mattress is made to order only.

The mattress is structured as follows:
3 layers of 100% pure carded cotton.
80 mm Latex. with air holes.
3 layers of 100% pure carded cotton.

Also offered in special sizes according to the customer's wishes, almost!

Package Dimension: Delivered, 300x110cm. - 72,6 Kg - 1,320 M3 - 1st piece package.

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