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Futon COMFORT madrassen indeholder 3 x Cotton / 4 cm Foam / 3 x Cotton. Kollektionens mest solgte futonmadras, Tykkelse på ca. 14 cm.

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Futon mattress with 8 layers of pure cotton. Unsprayed without pesticides. Harvested in Kazakhstan. The original classic futon mattress with pure cotton is still one of Japan's favorite mattresses.

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Futon 900 madrasser indeholder: 6 lag luftig Bomuld / 5 cm Natur LATEX / 3 cm Vulkaniseret KOKOS. Den har en tykkelse på ca. 16 cm. En helt igennem naturmadras med lang levetid.

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Handmade hard hotel mattress (coco/pocket springs/latex). Luxury quality with a long life. If you are looking for a flexible hard mattress, this is the one you should come by and try. The mattress has a hard side and a firm side, depending entirely on which side you have facing up.

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Futon Madrasser

Is the mattress too hard or soft? What does a good mattress mean to you? It is difficult for many to explain the hardness of a mattress. It is largely based on a personal experience and experience. It is an important choice considering that it is here that you will spend a large part of your life in the future while charging up for the next day or just needing a little one on the eye. A good night's sleep benefits health. We are happy to help you with your choice and questions. We know our mattresses.

The recommendation is: Come by our shop and showroom, then we can have a mattress talk together, over a coffee or tea. We lend you a pair of slippers or a cover for your shoes, while you try your hand at the mattress that suits you best.

If you have questions about the mattress or the maintenance - please ask - we have been selling mattresses since 1982. Draw on our experience. We are happy to answer your questions.

If your old bed needs a new mattress, we have the one you are looking for, so you can continue to sleep well. If your mattress is in a special size - then we also handle that task and manufacture it according to your goals.

All good mattresses require maintenance, and to ensure maximum comfort, the mattress should be "exercised" at regular intervals. Turn the mattress over, shake, roll if possible otherwise turn the mattress so that the contents are aerated. Also, always ensure good ventilation, as moisture will reduce the comfort and service life of the mattress. (we humans excrete about 0.5 - 1.0 liters of sweat / exhalation vapor per day).

All our mattresses content nature products will take the shape of the body and thereby sink into the material and / or lose their elasticity.

The smell of cotton from the mattress can occur after the mattress has been used, daily ventilation, makes this smell disappear. It is always a good idea to use a 100% cotton roller mattress protector on top of your mattress, as it can be washed and dried. All Mattresses should be ventilated and tapped at regular intervals to avoid the cotton being compressed too quickly.