MUITO sofa 140x200

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MUITO sofa, a European archetype. A classic, precise, and timeless design with a deliberate and unrelenting focus on simplicity and functionality

Model: 95-7281415XX-01-8-2
Weight: 96,3
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528 Mixed Dance, Blue
528 Mixed Dance, Blue
590 Micro Check, Grey
590 Micro Check, Grey

MUITO sofa, stainless steel legs 140x200 cm. See photo of textile / fabric quality info (Click here)

Featuring a pure, formal character, brushed stainless steel legs, metal base and pocket spring comfort, the compact Muito design has never been more relevant as the compact living trend is growing throughout the world - calling for a combination of form and function. Muito’s multifunction is showcased as sofa and bed as it easily occupies three persons seating and lounging, or up to two persons sleeping. Converting it from sofa to bed is easy. Lift the seat, fold out the hidden legs under seat and fold down the back – now you have a comfortable 140 x 200 cm bed with a bedding box under the seat to store your beddings or blankets.

Maximum supported weight 330 Kg.
Gap from floor to base 9 cm.

Package Dimension: 96,3 Kg - 0,988 M3 - 4..pcs. packages.
1/4. 728141XXX-01           SLP SLEEK SÆDE, 140x200. - 204*85*20 cm - 36 Kg
2/4. 728141XXX-02-2        SLP SLEEK RYG + SORT STEL, 140x200. - 209*75*20 cm. - 39 Kg
3/4. 728141XXX-03-01-8   MUITO ARMLÆN + BEN I RUSTFRIT STÅL. - 101*72*14 cm. 15 Kg
4/4. 728141XXX-04           SLP SLEEK PUDESÆT. - 106*52*41 cm. - 6,3 Kg

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