Whether you're sleeping in a bed, a sofa bed or a futon bed, it's always a good idea to use a pillow top mattress, a pillow pad or both to protect your mattress and provide an even greater degree of comfort and convenience.

Here you will find our top and roller mattresses, which are available in different sizes and materials, including cotton, linen and latex. No matter what type of pillow pad or top mattress you choose, this product type will help protect your mattress / bed, thus increasing the mattress's lifetime. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in either a top mattress, a rolling pad or both.

Choose a top or scroll pad that fits the size of the mattress it is supposed to cover and according to what material you prefer. There may be differences in how good the different materials are to regulate body temperature and transport moisture away from the body, as well as the breathability level through the different materials may vary.