Tatami mat 180x200 & Futon 100 140x200

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Set of 2 x tatami mats 90x200cm. and 1 x mattress 140x200cm. Futon 100 with 8 layer cotton in natural textile.


Model: TAT090200*2+FUT100140
Weight: 82,3
Availability: Out of stock

Set of 2 x Tatami mats of 90x200cm. + 1 x mattress Futon 100. 140x200cm natural.

Tatami mats of rice straw. (Surface No. 2 and Edge No.1 Black). The Tatami mats appear initially as green, but after some time the surface becomes the beautiful yellow color. The back is with Japanese moth safe paper. Including 1 x  Futon 100. 140x200cm. with textile in natural

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