Tatami Coco mats an organic luxury tatami mat. 3 cm. thick.
A very delicious soft organic Tatami must, it does not weigh so much and does not smell of rice straw.

Tværsnit af måtten så du kan se ind i den 

Choose your own surface and edge band.

Tatami Coco is also offered in other sizes according to the customer's wish, almost! 


This Tatami Coco mat can be used directly on the floor with no air between the floor and Tatami mat, it is because of the coconut fiber in the bottom that creates air so that moisture can evaporate away. Tatami Coco an organically made, of mixed cotton / flax and coconut fiber. 30mm thick. Choose your own surface and edging. It emphasizes ecological design and sustainability, with dedicated respect for traditional craftsmanship.