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7+7 Futon

We also sell to private individuals.
Here at 7+7 Futon you have access to a large selection of tailor-made beds and mattresses - delicious furniture for especially the bedroom and living room. Our products are somewhat inspired by Japanese interior design principles, with a high degree of comfort and quality that shines through clearly in the design. Here at Futon.dk, you have ample opportunity to design your own products based on various modules and design options, so you can put together a sofa bed, Futon sofa or daybed that fits you and your needs perfectly. The style is always complete and perfect for a modern, Danish home.

In our entire range, you will find several different types of furniture for the home, all of which focus on comfort, quality and design.

Emphasizing ecological design and sustainability, with dedicated respect for traditional craftsmanship.

Sofa beds:
For your large living room, you can use a sofa bed in a smart design from Innovation Living, and only use it as a sofa. Or for smaller apartments, dormitory rooms or guest rooms, a sofa bed is an obvious choice. It combines the comfort of both a really good bed and a smart sofa, and there are many exciting sofa beds to choose from here at 7+7

Beds and mattresses:
Our selection of beds, like our other furniture, is strongly inspired by the minimalist, Japanese style with Tatami mats on the floor. You will find beautiful bed frames made of beech wood, oak wood and pine wood in different styles, as well as comfortable mattresses, mattress toppers and roll-top mattresses.

The bedroom or living room is not complete until you have found a nice coffee table / bedside table / bedside table that can be combined with your bed or sofa bed. We have some beautiful tables that fit perfectly with the different bed frames, sofa beds and Futons, which are also negotiable. We sell from a Danish factory in top quality.

If you need a new, nice pillow that provides perfect support for the head, neck and shoulders or a comfortable bean bag chair or pouf for the living room or living room, you will also find it in our other range of different types of accessories for bedrooms, living rooms and living room. sofa cushions etc.

You can take a closer look at our large range of modern and comfortable furniture here on the webshop, otherwise it is of course best to come by our (over 500 m2) beautiful showroom in Glostrup/Ejby.


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Inspired by the minimalist functional interior design of the 1950s, the Innovation Living Puri Daybed a simple and calm daybed with removable covers and a design optimized for disassembly and reuse. *Go to Puri Daybed Click Here.

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