Comfortable futon, while saving space and having a handy room in smaller rooms and smaller apartments, you will find our range of sofa bed frames for futon mattresses on the side.

A futon is a Japanese sofa bed / bed that is really nice for multiple purposes. Perhaps the space in the room is sparse, which imposes high demands on getting fit in a smart way - or perhaps you may see the benefits of having a futon bed consisting of the mattress as well as a sofa bed set for futon mattresses that quickly and can easily be merged and act like a regular couch in the daytime.

Among the different types of Futon sofa bed frame for futon mattresses you will find the BEAT, ASLAK, FRACTION, BALDER, MINIMUM and many other lines.

Our Futon sofa bed frame designed for futon mattresses is available in different materials, and it is also possible to look into our daybeds, lounge furniture and chaise longchairs that can be transformed into top quality beds.