Our supplier "Innovation Living A/S" provides a lifetime warranty on the metal frame. Suitable for B&B -Bed and breakfast & Compact living. Recycled material sofa. Fabric made from recycled bottles. /  Recycled, granulated foam mattress. / Durable metal frame.

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Revivus sofa is a design that is optimized in every way in relation to minimizing the product's environmental impact.

It can be said in many ways that this is a revival of the classic features that have always characterized our Multifunctionals category.

• A durable and uncomplicated metal frame, lacquered in recycled powder coating. All parts can be replaced if necessary after years of use, and the frame is also optimized for recycling. All you have to do is disassemble 4 plastic plugs in the legs - the rest is metal.

Innovation Living A / S provides a lifetime warranty on the metal frame.

• A mattress consisting of a foam core in bonded foam rubber, which is made from excess foam residue from the production. The core is softened with Eco-certified HR foam, and the covers are made of surplus fabric. The pillows consist of OEKO-TEX recycled, fiberfill.

Mattresses and pillows can be easily renewed after the end of the life cycle, and the old parts can be dismantled so that the materials can be recycled.

The covers are made of Vivus textile, which is made of 100% recycled fibers. The covers are easy to remove, machine wash and reassemble. This extends the durability of the sofa, and also makes it possible to change the cover to a different textile and color choice.

The Revivus sofa has an informal and relaxed timeless look. Designed with a focus on environmentally friendly materials, easy maintenance, durability and the ability to recycle parts at the end of the life cycle.