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Welcome to eeese air care! At eeese air care, we offer a One Stop Concept with a wide range of products that cover all within the indoor climate needs.

eeese air care offers quality indoor climate products with a high level of security and are well thought through. The products have a beautiful and innovative Nordic design that does not compromise on either technology or quality. We test our products thoroughly at our Nordic service workshop and we only sell goods we would buy ourselves!

At eeese air care, we vouch for both design and quality! We keep our promises, and we are enormously proud to have many happy customers throughout Scandinavia. This means that customers get what we promise!

At eeese air care we are innovative, and we always make sure that our products are future-proof, as most of our products have Wi-Fi and are compatible with Google Assistant.

We value that our indoor climate products are some of the quietest on the market and at the same time be tied into a beautiful, Scandinavian design so that they can fit into any home.

With many years of experience and knowledge in indoor climate, eeese joined in 2018 with a product line of both dehumidifiers, air conditioners, air purifiers and air coolers.

Indoor climate products from eeese air care are sold at many of the Nordic region’s largest retailers within the indoor climate category. As an end user, you can always feel safe when you buy an indoor climate product from eeese air care, because no matter where you buy your eeese air care product, we take over the full warranty. This means that if you have questions about your eeese air care product, our Nordic customer service department and our own service workshop are ready to assist you.