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The Innovation Living Designer Sofa Bed is available in many shades and designs, and if you are looking for a new one, it is worth paying first and foremost what type of mattress you prefer to sleep on.

At Futon.dk we have both sofa beds with futon mattresses, sofa beds with comfortable foam mattresses and sofa beds with the popular spring mattresses among our selection, of course, Innovation Living designer sofas.

Innovation Living sofa bed with spring mattress (or a sofa bed padded with bag springs) provides good suspension and flexibility, and therefore a very good comfort. If you are already used to sleeping on a spring mattress, it may be advantageous to choose a sofa bed with built-in spring mattress when you need a new sofa or bed.
See how Innovation Living's mattresses are built PRESS HERE.

Our sofa beds with spring mattresses are available in several series including Yonata, Cosial, Unfurl Special, Puri, Pascala, Malloy wood, Pyxis, SLY wood, Junus, Frej & Eik smoked oak. and the Innovation Living sleeper sofa / daybed sofa bed SIGMUND, padded with bag springs and foam for a comfortable and comfortable experience.

See also the other sofa beds with spring mattresses in the series SLY, ZEAL, SPLITBACK and various other models on this page.