Night & Day Enzyme-Free Laundry Detergent - Luxury Care for Down


  • Content: 500 ml
  • Application: Ideal for delicate fabrics such as wool, down, bamboo, and silk.
  • Dosage:
    • Silk & Wool: 10 ml/kg
    • Down: 10-15 ml/kg
  • Produced in Denmark
  • Brand: Night & Day

Durability and Storage: For optimal performance, we recommend storing the bottle upside down to ensure even mixing of the contents. Our unique formula may settle if not used for extended periods.

Exceptional Protection for Delicate Fabrics: Night & Day presents an avant-garde enzyme-free laundry detergent designed to protect and preserve your most sensitive fabrics. The generous 500 ml bottle ensures long-lasting use and superior effectiveness. Our detergent is proudly produced in Denmark, meeting the highest national standards.

Usage Instructions: Before laundering, it is always advisable to read the washing instructions on the product. This applies to everything from duvets and pillows to bed linen and sheets. Night & Day takes pride in not just delivering a product but also providing the knowledge for correct usage.

Maintenance of Duvets and Pillows: To preserve your duvet for many years, we recommend ongoing maintenance. After a night's sleep, allow your duvet to release the absorbed moisture. Shake your duvet during your morning routine to maintain the light and airy nature of the filling. Remember to shake from all four sides to ensure an even distribution of the filling. Air both the duvet and pillow regularly, always within the covers, and avoid direct sunlight. Refrain from vacuuming or beating your duvets and pillows; instead, use a soft brush.

Experience purity and preservation with Night & Day Enzyme-Free Laundry Detergent - crafted to care for your most valuable fabrics in an exceptional way.


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