TOYOTOMI Heat Pump 60m2. 2128ZR

TOYOTOMI heat pump - Izuru Eco II TRN/TRG-2128ZR. Can be controlled via app - Covers up to 60 m², kW 0.45 - 3.60.

Upgrade your home with TOYOTOMI - create the perfect indoor climate with intelligent technology and Nordic quality. You won't be disappointed ;-)

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Model: TOY060/230021
Weight: 38,5 kg
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TOYOTOMI Heat Pump - Izuru Eco II TRN/TRG-2128ZR. App-Controlled - Covers up to 60 m²

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Welcome to the ultimate solution in efficient and energy-saving climate control. Our TOYOTOMI heat pump, renowned for its Japanese precision and quality, not only provides heating and cooling but also ensures a fresh and healthy indoor environment throughout the year. We take pride in being associated with the reputable TOYOTOMI brand, known for their excellent ZIBRO stoves.


  • Wi-Fi Manual for IZURU [Click Here]
  • Open Energy Label [Click Here]
  • Open Brochure [Click Here]
  • Easily order installation service directly from us by filling out this form [Click Here] Professional setup in under 14 days – quick warmth for you!

Nordic Quality - Tailored to Your Needs The TOYOTOMI 2128ZR heat pump is specifically designed for the Nordic market, effortlessly withstanding even the harshest winter conditions. It's crafted to heat areas up to 60 m² with remarkably low noise levels, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere in your home or cottage.

Top-Level Energy Efficiency With an impressive SCOP value of 4.2, our 2128ZR heat pump is not just a heat source but an energy-saving champion. For every kW it produces, you get 4.2 times more heat energy compared to traditional electric heating sources. This makes the TOYOTOMI heat pump a sustainable and cost-effective investment for your home.

Intelligent Technology - Control at Your Fingertips Equipped with built-in WIFI and smart app control, the TOYOTOMI heat pump brings climate control to your fingertips. You can turn it on, control, and monitor various functions via your smartphone, ensuring full control over your indoor climate even when you're away. The cottage function ensures a comfortable temperature before you arrive, allowing you to enjoy every moment.

  • Heats, cools, dehumidifies, and cleans the air
  • Remote control via app
  • Automatically restarts after a power outage
  • Frost-resistant
  • Cottage function - frost protection at 8 degrees Celsius
  • Built-in WIFI
  • Very low noise level
  • Dehumidification capacity: 19 liters/day

Environmentally Friendly Performance The TOYOTOMI heat pump is not just an efficient heating source; it is also environmentally friendly with an energy class of A+/A++. This makes it a sustainable choice, reducing your carbon footprint and saving energy.

Safe Installation - Professional Handling Our heat pumps should be installed by a KMO-authorized installer. With refrigerant in the system, it's crucial to ensure that installation and maintenance are carried out by an authorized refrigeration technician.

Instructions on environmental protection: When disposing of this product, it should be taken to a public/municipal recycling center for electronic appliances. The materials are recyclable. When the product is recycled, through the recovery of materials or through other forms of reuse of discarded appliances, an important contribution is made to environmental protection.
Thank you in advance!

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