Refill for sack chairs, 1 bag Krøyerkugler / 25 Liter. WITHOUT flame retardant.
Bean Bags, beanbags or floating couches are trendy furniture for the home, office environments and institutions. Genuine Krøyerkballs designed specifically for the purpose give you guaranteed product quality that takes into account the inner and outer environment.

The bullet balls: ball size and physical characteristics adapted to individual needs. Used in many types of bag chairs eg. Player from Innovation Randers (replenishment or replacement ONLY), Bean Bags, Coast Bean Bags, Kilos, Do-Nut, Stüssy, HUSET Bean Bag, Biggy Bag, Cozy Bag Grandma. The bowling balls are also used for dog pillows, for example Batman, where the dog's natural need for rest and bed rest is better covered than the sofa, blanket or the old-fashioned dog basket.

Krøyerkballs, named after the engineer Karl Krøyer, is the name for some small balls with microcellular structure made of a special foam plastic type.

The reason was that Krøyer's company raised a cargo ship, which had sunk by approx. 5,000 sheep in 1964 in Kuwait port For this he used foam plastic balls as buoyancy agent (Styropor), which was invented by BASF in Germany a few decades before.

In particular, the event received a lot of media coverage in Denmark and eventually these special balls were referred to as "Krøyerkballs". The material for the balls has since been developed to be suitable for many other purposes such as, for example, home furnishings and health care.

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