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Saniklar Maxi 2500 Duo Pucks is a modern multi-layer tablet consisting of a slow-dissolving part (white) and a fast-dissolving part (blue). Both parts are based on organic chlorine. The blue part of the tablet weighs 50 grams and dissolves within a maximum of 3 hours. This raises the free chlorine by 1.3 mg/l in 20 m³ of pool water. Suitable for maintenance when you go on holiday.

The white part of the tablet is a classic Saniklar Maxi 2000 tablet, which delivers a maintenance dosage of chlorine, flocculant and algaecide over a week.

It is recommended to regularly check the pool's cyanuric acid content and dilute with clean water if the cyanuric acid level exceeds 50 mg/l.

Also see our Maxi Tablet Float, which acts as a holder for Saniklar Maxi 2000 / Saniklar Maxi 2500 Duo Pucks.


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