Super Okkerrens is pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C) that dissolves ocher deposits in the pool.

Before the product is added, the chlorine content must be 0 mg/l, as the chlorine breaks down the ocher cleaner. Add 1 kg Super Okkerrens per 20 m³ of water.

Dissolve the product a little at a time in a clean bucket of pool water and add the solution in front of the inlet nozzles with the filter pump running. After 24 hours, the ocher coatings have loosened and can be easily removed with a pool brush. Chlorine the water up to 5 mg/l, and you can bathe again.

Excess ocher cleaner (more ocher cleaner than iron/ochre) will remove the chlorine!

You can physically see that the brown color disappears - it's pure magic!

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