Blue Connect Go is an exciting new product that automatically analyzes your pool or spa. The product measures with high precision values such as PH, the disinfection level with chlorine or bromine (ORP) and the water temperature.

There is thus a free app for both iPhone and Android mobile, where you can see the measurement values in the mobile using Bluetooth with the standard app.

If you want to get more out of Connect Go, you can subscribe to the Premium app, which gives you more options. However, before upgrading the software, you must install the WiFi Extender.

If you use salt to produce natural chlorine/bromine, you must buy:
Blue Connect Plus, which also measures the conductivity, i.e. the amount of salt in the bath water.

By following 3 easy steps, you are ready to use Blue Connect Go

- Download the app: Blueriiot from the App store or Google Play
- Connect the phone to Blue Conenct and follow the user-friendly guide
- Place the Blue Connect in the water. - It is now ready for use!

Winter storage! When you are not using Blue Connect, e.g. in the pool in winter, the sensor must never become dry. Attach the storage cap that came with filled with recommended fluid according to the instructions for use.

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