This Lovibond® Pool Tester O2/pH is a tablet tester that measures the level of active Oxygen O2 in your pool or in your spa as well as the pH value in the water. Lovibond ® is German top quality

This Lovibond® Pool Tester O2/pH is easy to use. Start by removing the lid and then fill the tester with water from your pool or spa. Then add a tablet and then shake the tester. Now you will be able to read the values with a high measurement accuracy.

Instruction manual Quick tests. Press Here.

The test set contains:
1 piece. Water sample tank.
20 pcs. tablets DPD no. 4 for analysis of oxygen.
20 pcs. tablets PHENOL RED for analysis of pH.

NB! The tablet tester cannot measure the total alkalinity in the water. To measure alkalinity in the water, we recommend that you use SmartTest or test strips that can measure alkalinity.

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