Japanese Room Divider 5 fag 170x250

Japanese Room Divider 5 subjects. Made from Tatami / rice straw that adds an authentic touch of Japan to the space where you place it. Show Room Divider 5 in your bedroom for a place to hang your clothes and decorate. It measures flat on the floor 170x250x2.5 cm. (5 subjects and 50x170x2.5 cm.)

Show Room Divider 5 in your living room to divide your home in style - or to mark an office space in your home. The possibilities are limitless. If not in use, Room dividers 5 can be easily stored away by folding it flat. Room dividers 5 can also be used as a bed frame on the floor with a futon mattress on top, where you move your futon mattress daily and set up the room divider so that everything can get air.

Room dividers 5 are about living in a simple way to free oneself from the material, while Sabi is about honoring and respecting the cyclical process of life, aging and death. Therefore, you often use materials that have the time in them, for example older pieces of wood.

So Room Divider 5 is an aesthetic approach rooted in Zen Buddhism that emphasizes the changeable, the humble, and the natural.

Package dimensions: 173 * 52.5 * 14.5 cm. - 19 Kg - 0.132 M3 - 1st piece package.

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